High-Order Aberrations and Corneal Dystrophies

Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (UK) Professor & Chair of Ophthalmology Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

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Dry Eye

What we typically call “Dry Eyes” is really more accurately described as “Dysfunctional Tear Film”. People with this condition may have no symptoms at all or may experience a variety of conditions which may give us irritated, dry feeling eyes. These can include one or more of the following:

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Advancements in Cell Regeneration Not Yet as Reliable as DMEK


Francis W Price Jr MD 


 Matthew T Feng MD

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When is the right time to undergo a partial (DMEK) transplant for Fuchs’ Dystrophy?

Fuchs’ (fooks) endothelial dystrophy is a problem that affects the corneal endothelium’s smoothness and its pumping function.

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Anterior Basement Membrane Dystrophy: An Overview for Patients

The information provided in this text is current and provided for educational purposes. The information is not intended for the management of an individual case or to substitute for the advice of a treating physician

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