Contribute without cost to you.

Sound unlikely, strange or just too hard to believe? Believe me, it happens with Escrip. I have and from, just my grocery shopping, I am giving 4% of all I spend at my favorite Italian market to The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation with no out of pocket expense to myself.

How can it work, you ask? Read the well written, easy to use description and tutorial below.

Escrip is a voluntary program that helps nonprofit educational organizations raise money in an easy way. You continue to shop where you like to shop, and The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation receives a small contribution each time you do. Contributions run from 2%-18%, depending on where you shop.

The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation is approved to receive funds through Escrip because the work of The CDF is to educate everyone about corneal dystrophy.

Examples of vendors who are cooperating with Escrip are Macy's, PepBoys, Carl's Jr., Office Max, Safeway, and Von's. Other businesses in specific regions of the US are participating. For example, Bob has been raising funds for The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation through his purchases in Northern California at a specialty market.


There is no fee for individuals to register with the Escrip program. All personal information is safeguarded. Electronic Scrip, Inc. will not disclose or sell any personal information to third parties that are not involved with the program.

Here's how Escrip Works:

You register your existing grocery store loyalty, debit or credit card -- whatever you want to use in the program.

For example, if you already shop at Safeway or Von's, your participation is simple. Register the number of your Club Card at Escrip; then every time you buy groceries, the store will recognize your customer loyalty, as well as make a contribution to The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation. It's easy to sign up.

Go to

(Helpful trick: Do a RIGHT click to open Escrip in a new window so you can go back and forth from our directions page to the Escrip page.)

Click on "sign up."

Search for The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation (DON'T FORGET the "THE"!) or Group # 500002376 and designate it as one you want to support. You don't need to fill in any info except the sections in RED. No need to give your phone number, E-mail address, or any of the optional info.

Register your grocery Club Card and/or whatever credit card you use at the participating restaurant, department store, or other affiliated business in your area that you use already. Then whenever you shop there, the donation to CDF is automatic!

You can track your purchases online to see just how much you are earning for The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation. To view your account, go to Escrip and click on “Sign in to My Escrip to view purchase activity." Enter your password (If you’ve forgotten, they will e-mail it to you). Click on “account administration.” Scroll down and click “group selection.” Enter The CDF group ID# 500002376.

Thank you for helping The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation. This Foundation is a direct outgrowth of "Fuchs' Friends," the on-line support group begun in 1999 for people with Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy. Thank you, Fuchs' Friends!

Thank you for your generousity.